Love Letter | Anniversary Edition | Eaux De Parfum | Natural Organic Botanical Fragrance

An ode to the art of botanical perfumery, Love Letter, is an affectionate composition of blue lotus, Hawaiian temple mandarin, Tahitian vanilla, Indian tuberose, frankincense, Moroccan cedar wood, and organic rose. To commemorate her company’s fifteen-year anniversary, founder of Strange Invisible Perfumes, Alexandra Balahoutis, chose the fifteen essences that have always made her swoon, some of which shall remain secret.
  • Blue Lotus - wildcrafted in a coastal town in India
  • Hawaiian temple mandarin (aged) - grown and hydro-distilled on a biodynamic farm in Maui
  • Tahitian vanilla - custom ground and percolated by master distillers in Napa Valley (a commissioned process that takes four months)
  • Organic rose essence - certified organic rose essence skillfully obtained from the first distillation of the flower
  • Frankincense - before beginning the distillation, the resin is soaked for three days, then hydro-distilled for 16 hours and aged for eleven years
  • Lavender - grown and hydro-distilled on an organic farm in Santa Barbara County
  • Cedar wood - wildcrafted in Morocco
  • Bergamot - custom designed glass flasks are used to hydro-distill certified organic bergamot
  • Tuberose - flowers grown and distilled in Mysore, India
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