The Rose With the Broken Neck | Reserve Series | Eaux De Parfum | All Natural Botanical Fragrance

The Rose With the Broken Neck - Eau de Parfum
Inspired by the metaphor of a broken rose, this fragrance speaks to the fire and frailty of the human heart. Haunting notes of palo santo, nutmeg, vetiver, and white Cognac cast a dark shadow upon a landscape of hydro-distilled rose. Our ingredients have been sourced from family-owned and sustainable producers from across the globe:
• Organic nutmeg: sourced from Sri Lanka, distilled on Maui and aged for 11 years
• Pure white Cognac: made with grapes from the Cognac region in France, and aged in oak casks
• Palo santo: also known as “holy wood” for its believed mystical properties, is sourced from the forest floors of Peru by indigenous tribes
• Hydro-distilled organic rose: obtained from the first distillation of the flower, the only way to capture the complete aromatic profile of the flower
• Tahitian vanilla: the finest quality beans ground and percolated by master distillers in Napa Valley
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